IV Treatments

We offer advanced and effective IV treatment that can be customized to the unique needs of each patient. We prioritize your comfort, convenience, and personal needs. Because IV treatment is administered directly into your vein, the health benefits take effect as soon as your treatment begins.  Refuel you body with the essential nutrients it needs!

We cater to individuals as well as groups, special events, and corporate wellness events. Schedule your concierge IV treatment and let us jump-start the process to revive the quality of your life.

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Fluids infused with multiple vitamins combined to improve energy, mood, and focus.


Hangover Relief

Fluids infused with vitamins, anti-nausea, and anti-inflammatory medications combined to rehydrate, detoxify, and restore your body.


Immunity Boost

Fluids infused with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed to activate your cells to respond quicker to unwanted germs.


Mood booster

Fluids infused with multiple vitamins and minerals needed to reduce your bodies stress response, increase your ability to focus, and improve your mood and ability to feel good.


Myers Cocktail

Fluids infused with vitamins and minerals combined to enhance your overall well-being.


Stomach flu

Fluids infused with electrolytes, vitamins, and medications combined to improve and recover faster from symptoms of stomach flu.

Ultimate Immunity Boost (1)

Ultimate Immunity Boost

Fluids infused with higher doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed to super-activate your cells and give you the ultimate immunity boost your body needs.

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Experience the powerful advantages of IV therapy

Whether you seek treatment to improve energy, aid with fatigue, jet lag, or to enhance your overall wellness, Ivy Med Boutique will bring all the benefits of IV therapy to you.